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Epic Independent Music - Contemporary Dance - Visual Arts

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AMOUR VACHE - Circles Become Squares (Official Video)

AMOUR VACHE - Circles Become Squares (Official Video)

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Fang-Yu Shen - dance, performance
Gereon Basso - drums, vocals
Tom Jeske - guitars, vocals
Riad Nassar - visuals

In Amour Vache Rock'n'Roll, Contemporary Dance and Visual Arts work on the same level. The attempt is nothing less than to break boundaries - who did actually say that it is impossible to have a dance performance in a dark club in which the hungry life scaled off the surface of the walls? And who did say that a band with dark, fuzzy guitars and drum batters moving in frenzy can't fit just fine in a theatre context? Well, who ever did, is not the one to follow ideas and to change the face of music, visually, acousticly, whatever... but ideas, change and celebrating the opened mind artistically is all we believe in.

We formed in 2016 and were convinced from the get-go that this was supposed to be the kind of band that we never had and never met before. Pretty soon shows with the likes of Esben and the Witch (GB) or Raketkanon (BE) followed as well as the concept and the composition for a dance choreography for the internationally renowned Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Our debut album was recorded in the claustrophobic winter of Duisburg and features this dark, reverby, dreamy yet cutting and coarse sound, played by just two people and eager to make the performance audible to you.

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